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Math I Can Do

Making math better

The Math I Can Do editor is for writing math that flows. Its unique data structure enables smart, math-aware features and behaviours that skip the error-prone tedious bits and let you write math up to three times faster than with pencil and paper.

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Strategic wordplay

A word game rewarding strategy, memory, and creativity, with scoring based on how different your words are. Dozens of special tiles, items, and bonuses scale up the challenge, while friendly robots and daily puzzles build vocabulary.

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Experimental design space explorer

Productivity apps don’t support the early stages of problem solving, which require trying out many ideas. XDS supports this activity by letting you explore the space of ideas with automated sketching and commands that alter history.

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Strange Eons

Modding comes to the tabletop

What started as a research project on supporting creativity has evolved into a full-featured app. Strange Eons lets you create new components for tabletop games, whether your own or commercial games that you want to “mod.”

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Audio analysis for audiobooks

LibriVox organizes volunteers to record free audio versions of public domain books. Checker analyzes the audio, technical specs, and metadata of MP3 files to let readers check that they pass muster before they’re uploaded.


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Fun ways to explore difficult topics

I’ve developed a number of animations and visualizations to demonstrate various algorithms, models, and other technical material. This project brings these tools together as an ongoing series of articles with accompanying Web apps.

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The Archives

Other items of historical interest

In the archives you will find older content. It is mainly material that has been carried over from previous versions of this site, either because it is of historical interest or because people still link to it or search for it.

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