January 1 2011
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Software for the much-loved Commodore Amiga

The Legend

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The Amiga will always have a special place in my heart. It was a marvel of hardware and software design: a full multi-tasking operating system in 256 KiB of RAM (in 1985!); a capable and innovative graphical user interface; incredible multimedia capabilities; and, famously, guru meditations. There was nothing quite like it. If you have ever watched a music video from the mid 80s to the early 90s that left you so overstimulated and disoriented that the only speech you could muster was “gnarly,” then an Amiga was probably involved. If you have ever watched the landmark television series Babylon 5, then an Amiga was definitely involved (several actually, networked together to render the effects scenes, though they were eventually replaced by PCs).

Screenshot of the Amiga desktop, called Workbench

The Story

Years ago I avoided a summer of hard farm labour by convincing my parents that I could make money by writing and selling software with my friends. Surprisingly, this ploy worked. Even more surprisingly, I did make money at it. Here, collected for posterity, are a few of those “classic” programs.

Two players build castles then take turns trying to knock them down with catapults.
Fantastic creatures fight to occupy the contested space between two villages.
Theseus escapes the labyrinth while evading the spirits of those who were lost in the maze before him and, of course, the minotaur. With level editor.
Theta Incident
Two starships from enemy fleets find themselves trapped in a strange fold of space-time.
Pretty pictures of simulated terrain generated by weathering random initial states.
Universal Conquest
A turn-based game of… universal conquest.
Picture of our cheesy logo

The Software

You’ll need to own a vintage Amiga or an Amiga emulator in order to make use of this download. To use an emulator, you will also need ROM images which at the time of this writing are not considered abandonware.

Vintage Amiga software (709 KiB)

If you are looking for more Amiga software than you can shake a floppy at, the aminet archive is your friend.