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Software for the Commodore Amiga

From this page you can download a .zip archive of a selection of seven programs I developed eons ago for the Amiga line of personal computers. Back in the day I avoided a summer of hard farm labour by convincing my parents I could make money by writing and selling software with my friends instead. Surprisingly, this ploy worked. Even more surprisingly, I did make some money at it. Here, collected for posterity, are a few of those classic old programs. Six are games; one is a... err... dynamic pseudo-fractal terrain generator.

By far, the true classics of the lot are Theta Incident and Skirmish. The latter is very difficult to get running, however, and requires Kickstart 1.2/Original Chipset due to using the hardware in fun but naughty ways.

A Mélange of Amiga and EBA Imagery

Commodore Logographic C Commodore
Amiga 500
(circa 1987)

Theta Incident



EBA Logo

Universal Conquest

Theseus (Game)

Theseus (Editor)

Download (709 kiB)

Naturally, you'll actually need to own a vintage Amiga or an Search:Amiga emulator if you want to use this software. To use an emulator, you'll need a real Amiga from which to download the ROM images, or you'll have to Search:license the images.

Looking for More Amiga Stuff?

The Aminet archive is a good place to start, no matter what (legal) software you're looking for.

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August 24, 2004 — Updated January 01, 2011