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New Museum Wing Opens

New Exhibit to Display
Priceless Egyptian Treasures

Cloudy today with snow overnight; winds from the east.

The new Gilman Memorial Wing of the Miskatonic University Museum opened to the public earlier today. University president Ezekiel Morgan and museum curator William Pickman presided over the event.

The opening was on schedule despite a series of unfortunate accidents that led some to speculate that the project was “cursed.” Faithful readers will no doubt recall an incident that hospitalized four workers and the project foreman some seven months ago. Cables used to lift a heavy support beam snapped, pinning the workers underneath for several hours. Public outcry over the incident left the project in doubt until members of the local Silver Twilight Lodge volunteered to complete the work. Lodge head and long-time benefactor of the university Carl Sanford was touring the site when the mishap occurred, and barely escaped injury himself.

The wing's debut exhibit was also unveiled today. Recognizing the enormous public interest in last year's Legacy of the Pharaohs exhibit, Dr. Pickman has arranged a new collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt. The exhibit consists entirely of new acquisitions on display for the first time, a fact which ensures that excitement over the opening is not restricted to the general public. Experts the world over have been invited to a series of private showings in the wing's basement, where they will be allowed to examine firsthand those curios deemed too delicate or dangerous for the rigours of public display.

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