Strange Eons 3 
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Getting Help

For general help installing and using the application, the Wiki includes a User Manual. If your issue isn't addressed there (or the relevant article isn't written yet or is out of date), try posting in the forums. The sections below list additional resources for some specific situations:

Installing the Application

You can find installation instructions for every supported platform in the Wiki. If you are having problems, try posting in the forums, reporting a bug, or contacting me about the issue.

Reporting Bugs

Found a problem or want to suggest an improvement? You can report a bug using the Help | Report a Bug menu item directly from Strange Eons, which will open this bug report page in your browser. Alternatively, you can contact me about the issue using this Feedback form.

Help for Plug-in Developers

If you'd like to add support for a new game, add new component types, add new tools, or customize how Strange Eons works, use these resources as starting points:

Plug-in Authoring Kit
A downloadable project for Strange Eons that is chock-full of example code and other resources.
Developer Manual
Wiki pages that document Strange Eons from the plug-in developer's perspective.
How-to Guides
A series of tutorial-style articles that cover topics of interest to plug-in developers.
Developer Forums
Have a specific problem or question not covered in the documentation? Post your question in one of the development forums.
API Reference
Select the Help | Document Browser menu item to browse APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces). More information is available in a How-to Guide article.
Mozilla JavaScript Reference
Plug-in developers can create plug-ins using interpreted JavaScript. If you want to get a grounding in the basics of the JavaScript language, the Mozilla Developer Network has an excellent reference. It is oriented towards Web development, but the basic information about the language is the same.
The Java Tutorials
Another option for plug-in developers is compiled Java code. The Java Tutorials provide an extensive and detailed introduction to Java. (Despite the similar names, Java and JavaScript are two very different programming languages.)

Help for Translators

The following resources are a good place to start if you'd like to help translate Strange Eons or a plug-in:

Translator's Manual
A collection of Wiki pages with content specific to Strange Eons translation.
Translator Forums
Drop by to introduce yourself, ask for help translating your plug-in, or post a question about the translation process.

Volunteering to add or update a translation for Strange Eons is encouraged. Feel free to contact me to get started.

Contact the Developer

You can write to the developer using this Feedback form.