Strange Eons 3 
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I make Strange Eons available for free as a service to the gaming community. You are welcome to make a small donation to help offset my hosting and development costs if you wish to show your support.

Strange Eons 3 (March 5, 2017)

Other Operating Systems (including Linux and Solaris)

strange-eons-nix-b3784.tar.gz (3.6 MiB)
Installation instructions

ej-technologies GmbH have kindly provided a license for their install4j multi-platform installer builder to create installation packages for the Windows and OS X versions of Strange Eons.

Upgrading from Strange Eons 2

Plug-in Authoring Kit

The Plug-in Authoring Kit contains example code and resources for plug-in developers. It comes as a packaged project file. To use it, download and open in Strange Eons using the File | Open Project menu item.

Plug-in Authoring Kit (March 5, 2017)

Plug-in Authoring Kit.seproject (2.3 MiB)

From Around the Web

Starting points for getting more content for Strange Eons:

The Content Guide
A library of content curated by Strange Eons users.
The Gilman Memorial Exhibit
This sample project is an alternative Exhibit Item deck for Arkham Horror. Updated for SE3.
Links to Related Sites
Links to Web sites related to Strange Eons.

Old Versions

The last version in the Strange Eons 2 line is version 2.1 alpha 13 (build 2668), dated August 10, 2010. This version will continue to be available for download until plug-in developers have had time to update their plug-ins for Strange Eons 3.


strange-eons-win-b2668.exe (10.4 MiB)
A patch is required for use with Java 7+:
Patch for 32-bit Java 7 (0.2 MiB)
Patch for 64-bit Java 7 (0.2 MiB)

OS X (15.3 MiB)

Other (including Linux and Solaris) (13.0 MiB)

Other Files

Modified Rhino Source
Source code for the modified Rhino JavaScript engine used to execute plug-in scripts.