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Body Surface Area (BSA) has a variety of applications in health care, including the calculation of appropriate doses for certain drugs. This small program, designed for use in a hospital pharmacy setting, runs on Windows and calculates BSA estimates using a variety of formulas (Boyd, DuBois & DuBois, Gehan & George, Haycock, and Mosteller).  It has been recommended by ISOPP, the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners, to its members.

More information and source references for BSA formulas.

To install this program, click the link below and choose to "Open" the link (as opposed to saving it), then follow the instructions.  Alternatively, you can choose to "Save" the link instead, and then save it somewhere convenient on your computer (such as your desktop) and install it by running it from there.

Note: Although care has been taken to ensure the reliability and correctness of this software, the author has made it available free of charge and with no warranty whatsoever.  You rely on the results of this software at your own risk.  I strongly recommend that you ensure that your use of this software falls within the guidelines of any appropriate policies at your institution regarding the use of external software or particular BSA formulas before using this software with patient data.  If your institution would like a copy of the source code in order to evaluate this software for possible approval feel free to contact me.

Download the Program (345kB)

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September 2, 2003 Updated May 2, 2006