Photograph of Chris taking the ferry to Vancouver Island Christopher G. Jennings, PhD  
Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Lab  
Department of Computing Science  
Simon Fraser University  


Visualization of a design as presented by our experimental design explorer. My recent work is on building computer-based tools that support expert work—tasks that require expert knowledge and involve finding creative solutions to ill-structured problems, like design and writing. My doctoral dissertation presents and evaluates a set of design principles for building tools that support expert work.

A shorter introduction to this work can be found in:

C. G. Jennings, A. E. Kirkpatrick, and P. Mohseni. Supporting expert work processes. In P. Barker and P. van Schaik, editors, Electronic Performance Support: Using Digital Technology to Enhance Human Ability, pages 249–262. Gower, 2010.

One of the prototype systems built as part of this work is XDS, a tool that supports the design of ANOVA experiments. Some demonstration videos of XDS in use (QuickTime format):
    Tour of the Interface (30.4 MB)
    A Brief Exploration Session (17.8 MB)
Two matches for the substring T A G in a string of DNA nucleotides.
Another interest is developing better evaluation methods for broad-scoped research in human-computer interaction. This work draws on other domains for its inspiration, including legal practice, medicine, and philosophy. An introduction can be found in my doctoral dissertation.
Two matches for the substring T A G in a string of DNA nucleotides.
Besides human-computer interaction, I have also worked in stringology. For more information, see the Franek-Jennings-Smyth exact pattern matching algorithm.


Part of a design sketch from a class discussion on designing a colour selection dialog. Computing Science 363 (User Interface Design)

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